Henny's Intershape Transformation
12 weeks, go hard or go home! And aren’t I glad I didn’t go home, I’m beyond happy with my transformation and am keen to keep working with the amazing team down at intershape to get to where I want to be! This 12 week challenge has been priceless, the knowledge& guidance given, access to muscle meat, protein whey and supplements, as well as being kicked up the arse by my pt Simon Murray has given me back my mojo for life! I’m not only 3dress sizes smaller,18inches trimmer, healthier, more active& lighter on the scales but most importantly, I’m back to feeling like me! If you’re sitting there in your comfort zone but moaning about things then get in touch and be prepared to be pushed to your limits. Put the effort in, do it properly and the rewards will come to you 🙂
Jenny, Biosignature Consultant - Intershape Fitness

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As a team Intershape Fitness aim to get you to your goals and beyond... Achieving optimum health, body composition and well being

We are a group of like minded trainers, therapists & coaches with the knowledge and skills to do this in any one of our fully equipped facilities.



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Top Tips – Keep to your goals whilst living your life!
Got an event coming up? Eat a good meal (not just a snack) before you go then you wont feel hungry and so are less likely to eat or make poor choices whilst you are at the event. Invited to a dinner party or a gathering at a friend house? Offer to bring a plate
Thank You!
Thank you to everyone that came to this amazing see out show. Ourselves and the IBFA thank you for making it so amazing again for its 4th year and hope to see you at the British finals and at next years Mr Pennine (date to be announced).