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PT Advanced program

PT Advanced practical workshop

Saturday 20th May 2023

10am - 5pm

"Unlock Your Potential: Experience an Intense and Rewarding Advanced Personal Training Practical Day"

At this Advanced Practical Workshop:


1. We will delve into the mechanics of one of the most fundamental exercises in strength training - THE SQUAT. You will learn how and why a squat will look different on individuals, looking at and understanding the different factors such as limb lengths, mobility and more.


Additionally, you will gain valuable insights into how to customise the squat to suit your clients individual needs and goals. You will learn the importance of selecting the right squat variation for their body type and any mobility restrictions they may have.


2. The thought process behind exercise selection. Would you perform lunges with your clients who cannot squat? When would a Leg Extension come into play and is the process different from rehab clients, strength clients and clients who are wanting full transformations?

3. Ranges of movement & joint health. Are we supposing and expecting all clients to get into all the different positions? Movements they may not have… How do we keep our joints healthy for long term training?

4. NUTRITION. Do you know your basics? How to work out your clients TDEE and their energy in-take so you can help them understand it. Why ‘macro splits’ are a thing of the past. The important role of muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

5. TRANSFORMATIONS. How to, when to and who is actually ready to… Programming for a transformation is a more complex program than you may think or you may find the thought daunting to take on with a client. We will show a whole case study of a body-transformation.


6. The personal skills needed to be an effective and advanced PT and what are your services? Are you acting like a by-stander and just counting reps, do you feel you need a better system to engage well with your clients whilst getting results so your client retention stays high?


7. PLAYTIME & Q&A. An hour of practical on the gym floor where we can train and put into practice todays session.


Slides & notes will be available after & email Q&A post program, for a limited time.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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