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6-week course

#womanup 6-weeks course

Welcome to your ‘TAKE BACK CONTROL’ program.


“Real results for Real women”


This is NO soul destroying 6 week shred but a huge lifestyle shift that you can completely enjoy whilst hitting your goals with the correct strategies & powerful support needed. 


“Theres no happy ending to a un-happy journey”


MINDSET and the language we use around ourselves is a huge part of our progress (or lack of it) it is so much more than just calories in versus calories out! Fat loss is just logistics… its pure numbers. Nothing more. Just simple equations. Whilst this SOUNDS simple, it is NOT ‘easy’. Understanding the numbers is a little bit of knowledge, sticking to the numbers is habitual and habitual behaviour is where longevity lies. We will also learn how to live beyond this and keep our results without having to think about calories or obsess over food AGAIN. 


This EMPOWERING and results based program will bring you everything you deserve with control and knowledge of your nutrition and FEMALE health. YES we are different to men and YES hormonally we are more challenged and YES it is harder for women…




It is time to put YOU first!


This online and hugely personalised program is aimed to STOP any confusion you have around your health, wellness and fat loss goals and so you FINALLY never have to stress, overthink and live in ‘overwhelm’ again. 




It is time to OWN your story….

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Before you know it we will have worked through & solved:


• Dealing with negative self – talk and OVER THINKING.


• Solving destructive habits that have trapped you until now and have blocked you from taking action.


• Finally find THE way to reach your health & nutrition goals and act on them – I show you the whole process


  • Crack THE code to completion once and for all, realise it and enjoy the results


Here is what we are going to do…


What are our ‘WHY’s”?…Why do we do what we do and how we can improve.

Completely restructure your mindset around food & fat loss

Get VERY clear on your what goals you desire and how we are going to achieve them 

Your ‘BECOMING’….where you finally become the woman you DESEVE to be and feel amazing in your own skin whilst taking COMPLETE ownership! 

We will shush your inner critic, learn to know your value & know your worth, fearlessly step out of your comfort zone and into your success.

This "6 weeks TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM" will show how to master weekends & social events and can help each of you personally with any events you may have during the 6 week program. 

Designed to not only see you hit all your targets but to do so whilst having fun, in great online company and potentially learn the life long changes needed to never require any other program again EVER! 

Daily check ins, weekly check ins & regular Q&A sessions so no stone is left unturned.


• Fat loss

• Gut health 

• Meal ideas & recipes - calories for you

• Vegetarian & vegan optional 

• Personalised plans 

• Online private check ins 

• Private log in & accountability 

• Private support group/community 

• Full fitness advice & plans 

• No gym needed (optional) 

• No membership needed 

• Online support/check ins/private area

Are you ready to be your number 1 priority & unlock your fullest potential?


This will be a VERY comprehensive and in depth... 




 We will have to hold LIMITED places due to how personalised the program is and how regular all the check ins are, so everything is tracked, recorded and altered where necessary so  that we just move forward without any step backwards that may occur effecting the overall progress. 


This TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM is available to EVERYONE (members & non members, all gym classes & gym sessions ect will be available to all though-out the program if required) 


Any questions at all on if this is the right program for you then please do not hesitate to email and we will endeavour to answer all your queries.

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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